As Lord mentioned the truth that
three-quarters (3/4) of mankind
are directed against Cosmic
Ordainments, so in turn, will fail to
renew their old, outworn and
selfish spirit – to New and Higher
‘Resurrected Spirit’
; only achievable
by Fiery Transmutation through
constant and continuous Selfless
Striving for God’s Highest Idea, Reason
or Plan.  In the ""New Epoch of Lord
Maitreya"" – they are inevitably bearing
the unavoidable consequence of
destruction, so will perish before 2025.

Cosmic (or Spiritual) Ordainment is
predestined for the Sixth Race,
those from our present Fifth Race
mankind who enable to conform with
direction of Cosmic Heart (or Magnet);
will then affirm to achieve ‘Resurrection
of Spirit’ through Cosmic Fiery
Transmutation; in turn renew one’s
inner consciousness into New and
Higher Sixth Race of
Soul, or Group
after Awakening and
broadening of own inner consciousness.
* Important to Ponder

1.)  Is it important to the shepherd to
know which of his sheep will give the
better wool?

2.)  Is it important to the gardener to
know how much fruit each of his
cultivated trees will yield?

Notes: Naturally all shepherds and
gardeners intend, wish and care that
their whole flock or garden can produce
wool or fruit.  But practically and
realistically, some are dying, some are
sick and some cannot produce.

For ignorant, stubborn and selfish
because of wrong use of
‘free will’, now have a very serious
– even Lord intend, wish and
care for whole mankind to achieve
Perfection or Fruition, through Higher
Evolution; but most failed to make it.