Welcome to Light Middle Way,

We created this website to serve our brothers and sisters around the world – by sharing and providing:

Affirm spiritual: guidance, revelations, reminders and practical solutions for serious: spiritual seekers and students – that will enable them to overcome the series of ever worsening and more frequent: calamities, catastrophes, crises and disasters that are already happening now, and predicted to continue worsening until the end of year 2024.

Lord Maitreya's extraordinarily compassionate, dependable, effective, useful and wisest (on earth): guidance and teachings – continuously giving to spiritual seekers (or truth seekers) for their eternal soul liberation – is like the Spiritual Sun (or Cosmic Heart) which is always giving us Light.
The Declaration Day of Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth — the One Whom all the major religions are waiting for, we also know as: the Christ, the Twelfth Imam Mahdi, the Messiah, Krishna and the Fifth Buddha — the Chief of all Angels, Ascended Masters and Holy Prophets on Earth; the Chief Agni Yogi; and Guardian Angel of all mankind on Earth — Will Happen Sooner Than Planned!

Please Awake nowby opening fully one's Heart, mind, ears and eyes.

We will all experience this Most Important Event in the whole history of humankind and planet earth!

Our brothers and sisters all over the world are in great need of our help! Sharing is the true nature of our Soul.

We can help in many creative ways. We can and will create a tsunami of sharing that will reach every corner of the world!

Awake and let one's Soul Arise only through Sharing and True Justice ; never by complacency and non-resistance to injustice!
About Website Redesign

October 3rd, 2021:

Hello brothers and sisters,

We hope the recent changes we made to Light Middle Way's layout and design – will make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.

For those who prefer the previous layout and design, you can still visit the archived part of the website called:
""Legacy Website"" which preserves the entire website the way it was before October 2021.

But all future chapters will be based on the new layout and design, so we can support modern web browser features on both mobile devices and desktops. Thanks!

All Chapters (Site Map): New Layout

March 22nd, 2022:

We also added a
""Selection of Important Topics"" in the completed All Chapters page.

We plan on posting a new chapter soon, thank you very much for your patience dear brothers and sisters.
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Newest Chapters

2021 May to July

A Synthesis Of Beloved John's 1st Century ""Book Of Revelation"" And Lord Maitreya's 20th Century ""Agni Yoga Teachings"" and Other Relevant Spiritual Works…

And Synopsis Of All Essential And Important: Prophecies, Predictions and Revelations Connected To Lord Christ's Mission Since Palestine 2,000 Years Ago…

Chapter Contents: Outline #1Outline #2

This chapter is especially to warn and remind those who are still: hesitant, ignoring or stubbornly resisting to change hopefully they will wholeheartedly with unshakable determination: change and adjust themselves on time! We cannot describe in words how: serious, dangerous and important this time is—especially the next three years!

Must Read Chapters

Important Chapters

2012 April:

Rise Up
Goodwill Peoples Worldwide Are Peacefully Uprising To Demand True Justice! Fear Not – Never Give Up – And Have Faith!

Remain United and Peaceful! True Justice Will Always Prevail! The Spiritual World Government (Forces Of Light) Always And Only Supports True Justice!

Introduction and Basics

The Spiritual World Government (Forces of Light)

The selfish top few (forces of darkness)

Maitreya's Agni Yoga Teachings
The best, highest and synthesis teaching for the present fifth race and coming new higher sixth race — Major Important Topics:

Book One: The Heart (at Light Maitreya Way)
The third most important topic from Agni Yoga

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